Project: Slope Stabilization using Geocells

Date: March 2019

Functions: Slope stability, Storm water management, Erosion control

Products: TeMa-CELL

Project: Reconstruction of an Equestrian Arena

Date: November 2019

Functions: Drainage, Separation, Filtration

Products: TeMa-PIPE, TeMa-TEX NW, MD 4 50 12F, HDD 10 85 10F

Project: Pollution Control Dam Composite Liner

Date: February 2020

Functions: Leakage detection, Protection

Products: MD 4 50, TeMa-TEX NW8

Project: Basal Reinforcement of the Foundational Layer

Date: March 2020

Functions: Basal (foundational) reinforcement

Products: X-Grid PET PVC 0 100/100

Project: Storm Water Drainage and Reticulation System

Date: June 2020

Functions: storm water drainage, collection and removal

Products: T-PIPE (Solid) HD

Project: Rehabilitation of Failed Slope & Retaining Wall

Date: July 2020

Functions: Retaining wall, subsoil/back drainage

Products: T-PIPE (Slotted) HD, T-PIPE Socks, TeMa-GABION, TemaTEX NW, V-DRAIN W, SPEEDRAIN

Project: Subsoil Drainage and Containment System

Date: November 2020

Functions: Subsoil drainage, Containment

Products: HDD 10 105 10F

Project: Geocell Protection Layer for Geomembrane

Date: October 2020

Functions: Geomembrane Liner Protection

Products: TeMa-CELL 150 B

Project: Rehabilitation of Roadway Embankment

Date: July 2021

Functions: Slope drainage, Veneer reinforcement, Erosion control & Liner protection

Products: HDD 10 85 12F, X-GRID PET-PVC-0 200/20, TeMa-CELL HD20B-200, TemaTEX NW10

Project: Reinforced Earth Embankment

Date: June 2022

Functions: Wrap-Around Reinforcement

Products: X-GRID PET-PVC-0 40/40

Project: Leakage Detection Layer for Geomembrane Liner

Date: September 2022

Functions: Leakage Detection

Products: MD 4 42

Project: Rooftop Drainage & Waterproofing Protection Layer

Date: March 2021

Functions: Drainage, Protection

Products: HDD 10 85 12F

Project: Rock-filled Gabion and Mattress River Revetment

Date: August 2021

Functions: Revetment, Erosion Control


Project: Leakage Detection & Liner Protection Layers

Date: August 2023

Functions: Leakage Detection, Liner Protection

Products: MD 4 50, TemaTEX NW6, TemaTEX NW8

Project: Slope Stability & Liner Protection Layer

Date: November 2023

Functions: Slope Stability, Liner Protection

Products: TeMa-CELL HD

Project: Rooftop Garden Drainage Layer

Date: March 2023

Functions: Rooftop Drainage, Waterproofing Protection

Products: HDD 10 85 12F


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