TeMa Technologies and Materials

TeMa | Technologies and Materials is a company founded in 1993, with the aim of providing exclusive product solutions for the home, on building sites and throughout the territory. This future-oriented outlook is still very much alive today thanks to the management of a company that continues to develop its systems according to concrete needs and experience gained among contractors and designers.

TeMa’s worldwide success began at its headquarters in Vittorio Veneto, in Northern Italy, near the hills that are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It then branched out with its production plants: TeMa Iberica in Spain, TeMa Nord in Russia, TeMa Med in Turkey, Replastica in Romania and TeMa North America in the USA. The company’s production facilities located across 3 continents, its distribution network extending to about 60 countries, including South Africa, reflect a global work approach, which offers customers continuous support from the initial project to the building site.


Vittorio Veneto - Italy

TeMa North


TeMa Iberica


TeMa Med


TeMa Romania




TeMa South Africa

TeMa South Africa is the subsidiary of TeMa | Technologies and Materials based in Johannesburg and specialised in the sub-Saharan building sector and in civil, mining, environmental and architectural infrastructures in the building sector. The company meets the needs of the location thanks to its preventive consultation service and the distribution of a full range of niche products, which solve problems in the building and environmental fields. TeMa South Africa’s offers cutting-edge projects, since its relations with local and international suppliers allow the company to remain constantly updated.

Belonging to a large group offers several advantages, including continuous support and the opportunity to rely on the skills acquired by the holding company. This service guarantees high-quality performance and unquestionable reliability, improving the cost-effectiveness of the work.

TeMa South Africa is a proudly LEVEL THREE Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment contributor, allowing a 110% procurement recognition.


TeMa is a partner of IWIS, a "thinking holding" company established to efficiently manage the Group's companies by strengthening all aspects of their technological and business performance. IWIS (Insulation Waterproofing Industrial Systems) coordinates all stages: from production to on-site intervention, from Group logistics to sales and R&D activities.

With 17 factories, 11 international subsidiaries, and technical and sales support in 89 countries worldwide, it is a fully reliable global supply partner. IWIS has implemented plants that develop products by using state-of-the-art technology and by investing in systems that guarantee protection for the ground, for air and for water.


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