Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa

- HDD 10 85 10F

1 500 sqm footprint

Rooftop drainage & waterproofing protection layer.

March, 2021

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Waterproofed flat rooftop surfaces are often covered to protect the waterproofing layer and improve its long-term durability. In recent years, such coverings have become an integral part of the architectural design of the structure by way of attractive paved areas and/or rooftop or podium gardens.

These new engineered covers often require additional  layer works that, not only continue to offer protection and durability, but also address further requirements such as drainage and the provision of growth mediums.

Traditionally these additional layers have been formed by aggregate and topsoil layers which are heavy, expensive and cumbersome to place/install on the structure.

Through the introduction of various  Geosynthetics products, to replace these conventional construction materials, the durability, cost and performance of the layer works can be greatly improved lowering upfront costs and contributing to much improved structural efficiencies over extended design and operational lifespans.


HDD 10 85 12F, TeMa’s 11mm thick, HDPE cuspated drainage medium with bonded nonwoven PP geotextile was placed over the entire footprint of the rooftop. This provided both a lightweight protection layer between the underlying bituminous waterproofing and overlying layer works and paving stones, whilst at the same time offering a reliable drainage layer to collect and remove excessive rainfall volumes.

The cuspated sheets are easily over lapped, secured in place and adapted to existing exit mechanisms such as weepholes and full bores. The product easy to handle, quick to install and extremely durable to the placing of overlying material.

The use of the TeMa Geo products, provided significant benefits over other conventional natural materials to the project in terms of cost, ease of installation and a reduction in construction time.


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