Stilfontein, South Africa

- MD 4 50
- TemaTEX NW6
- TemaTEX NW8

- MD 4 50: 300 000sqm
- TemaTEX NW6: 368 100sqm
- TemaTEX NW8: 885 000sqm

Leakage detection and liner protection layers.

August, 2023

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Leakage detection within the geomembrane liner of Pollution Control Dams (PCD) or Return Water Dams (RWD) for large tailings storage facilities (TSF) is extremely important and forms a significant element of their water use licenses. Liquid contents are high toxic and contaminated in nature and are required to be contained. Any leakage in the barrier system is to be quickly detected and dealt with before posing a threat and reaching the external natural environment.

Similarly, subsoil drainage and control is equally important to ensure these new facilities remain operational at optimum levels.  Geotextiles are used to filter liquid from the in-situ material.

The greater TSF basin is now required to be lined with geomembrane material. Protection of this layer is vital and needs to be ensured from any threats arising by the in-suit material beneath as well as imported drainage networks above. Thicker geotextiles provide an optimal level oof protection while still allowing the installation of drainage in close contact with the liner.


MD 4 50 cuspated drainage core was incorporated between the primary and secondary liner of the Return Water Dam complex as a leakage detection layer. The layer drained to monitoring manholes form where any leaks could be monitored, isolated and repaired.

TemaTEX NW6 was used in the subsoil drains as a filtration barrier separating contaminated groundwater to be drained form the area.

TemaTEX NW8 was used as a liner protection layer against damage to the underlying geomembrane.


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